Faerie Wicca

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This is LJ's largest and first community about Faerie Wicca. It's open to all paths of Faerie Wicca and you're welcome to discuss, ask questions, find information. There isn't always one way to do things, so here we can discuss different ways, history, stories of faeries, how to contact faeries, using them in rituals, inviting them into your home, etc.

Despite the communities name you do not have to be Wiccan. You can follow any path and still be absolutely welcomed. Even if you're not Wiccan or Pagan, but Christian or Jewish, etc you are still welcome.

Please, treat people with respect. Some people were born into paganism in general and some people were born into Christianity, neither makes anyone any better than the other and you have to treat each person with respect. If someone is a "noob" or asking questions that may seem silly to you doesn't mean you have to mock them or make fun.

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- The community icon and banner was art made by Weezees Whimzees and the credit should be given to her amazing work! -